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Join as a Crew Member of Radio Ice FM

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Exclusive Crew T-Shirts

OK, now you really like us and you will love the benefits of becoming a crew member which just go on and on.

We will send to you, your own top quality RADIO ICE Crew Member, T-shirt in black or white, exclusive to Crew Members. Plus a goody bag containing car sticker, keyring and pen.

In addition we will give you one of two choices:

Elect access to the Private Members section of our website

The Private Members’ area contains our newsletter and lots of information about gigs, festivals, top tips, offers and more. You are also entitled to one on-air dedication per month for one year. So if you’d like to celebrate a special occasion with a member of you family, a friend or loved one around the world, once per month, we are your voice. We will have your dedication recorded by a professional and we will let you know when it goes to air. In addition to that we will even email you a copy of the aired dedication on an MP3 file, so you can save pounds on birthday cards and postage.

Aimed at the budding DJ Producer

You will have the opportunity to send to us a demo mix MP3 file, approximately 15 to 30 minutes long. We will listen to the mix and if in our opinion we think its good enough, it will be played on air a number of times, over the course of a few weeks in order to gauge feedback. This feedback will be available using your private crew members area. You might be asked to contribute more mixes or possibly host your own show on the station. This is a fantastic opportunity for any up and coming DJ/Producer or Mixer. Giving you the opportunity to platform your crafted work upto three times a year, for the next three years. Please remember when you are mixing, that you are taking your audience on a journey.
That is so important !!!

If you like the sound of joining us on this journey, fill in the form below and click the button. It’s as simple as that. Crew Membership is just £50 for three years membership, but please be quick. This membership is limited! There is a limit on the amount of birthday dedications the boss will allow us to broadcast for the next three years, and on the amount of demo tapes we can listen too.

We look forward to having you on board! Simply fill in the form below and click the ‘Yes I Want Access Now’ button.

Make your Paypal payment to the email address given in the confirmation message. You’ll soon be receiving a crew shirt and all the benefits to members of Radio Ice FM!

Should you prefer to make a donation of £10 or more for a lifetime Friend Membership please read this for details.

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